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About us

1636105300677280.pngFocus on PCD process equipments for cutting tool, grinding wheel, electro-process and the technology, Chongqing Vigorous Technology & Trade Co., Ltd is specialized in PCD and metal processing machines such as cnc wire EDM, CNC milling machines, broken tap removers and etc.

Products from our company are widely applied in many areas such as automobile and the parts, die making, electronic industry, medical appliances, vessel, blower making, coal mine equipment, mine equipment, oil and electricity equipment, steel structure, steel plate cutting,  engineering plant, agricultural implement and machinery and etc.
 In addition to those above areas, our machines are also applied in areas 1636105453295866.pngsuch as polycrystalline diamond(PCD) elrctrical discharge machining and PCD high speed cutting, ceramic tip EDM and ceramic forming cutting, diamond forming wheel processing and amendment, monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon cutting, semiconductor refrigerant materials super high-speed cutting g and etc.

Machines from our company are sold to many countries and areas such as American, Europe, African, East and South Asia and are greatly reputed by customers.