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How to Remove a Broken Drill Bit?

Almost nothing is more frustrating: You get halfway through drilling a hole and the drill bit snaps off. The resulting stub seems hopelessly stuck. Fortunately, small tools have been specifically designed to remove broken bits. You probably already have one of them in your tool box. Simple locking pliers are the typical remedy for broken bits. If that doesn't work, get your hands on a set of screw extractors. Also known as easy-outs, these conical, reverse threaded bits can remove even the most stubborn broken bits, using a tapered drill bit that has a reverse thread. 

But with the mentioned way and the mentioned tools it seems a little waste of time, how can we take a broken drill bits or screws out of a workpiece fast without damage the workpiece, try our VIGOROUS  pulse portable broken tap removers, which can take out broken taps from M2-M50 easily!

VG-206 Broken Tap Remover

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