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Saw-blade Processing Machine VG-B403

Saw-blade sharpening Processing Machine VG-B403

EDM top grinding machine for saw-blade sharpening in woodworking industry



1.Multi-axis CNC machine tool and stepless speed regulating grinding head can realize electrical discharge processing of various tooth profile PCD circular saw-blade.

2.Self-developed control system which adopts advanced industrial grade computer, with LCD touch screen, and legitimate version of WINDOWS CE operating system. Combined with EDM grinding CNC software of gap-filling humanization design which is independently researched and developed, the machine tool is controlled.

3.Automatic turning compensation

4.Numerically controlled tooth setting. Numerically controlled tooth setting technology greatly reduces the non-processing time and increases the indexing accuracy.

5.Powerful standard configuration and control system

6.High-power rigidly precise grinding head

7.Automatic lubrication system

8.Low cost red copper electrode wheels are used

9.Idling speed, processing speed adaptive adjustment fast back and forth, accurate and reliable movement positioning in a cycle can interrupt the processing of the teeth, chucked for one time and processed for one time.

10.Quick and convenient operation

11.Tooth-type library is rich and has the extension function. The sharpening is simple, and it reduces the operation difficulty to the maximum extent. There is no need to adjust the tooth spacing and basic thickness, with the function of jumping-over-teeth processing.

12.Power supply and intelligent discharging gap control system

Saw-blade Processing 


Machine Parameters