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CNC EDM Tool Grinding Machine VG-BM25

CNC EDM Tool Sharpening Machine VG-BM25

Machining and Grinding PCD tools and saws for non-metal processing industry.



PCD tool machining and grinding in woodworking industray

1. A discharge corrosion grinding machine designed for the processing and regrinding of polycrystalline diamond (PCD) super-hard cutting tool. 

2. The machine is equipped with high precision, high efficiency and CNC automation, and can grind cutting edge with high precision and a high quality finish in a short period of time.

3.It is widely used for processing hard solid wood, pin board, plywood, particle board, stone plate, artificial marble, composite wood floor, acrylic, plastic, aluminum, melamine as well as the production and grinding of various PCD cutting tools, such as CD woodworking milling cutter, saw blade, wood floor cutter, circuit board cutter, acrylic engraving tool, etc.

PCD wood floor cutter grinding


PCD furniture blade grinding


PCD saw-blade machining and gringding
Daimeter:300mm, 60 teeth, finished within 3 hour


Powerful Standard Configuration

Adopting advanced industrial computer, with 17-inch LCD touch screen, WINDOWS CE operating system, and embedded five-axis CNC system for EDM grinding, among which there are four coordinate axes and one principal axis. Three-axis and six-direction processing and C axis with high precision positioning


1.X, Y and Z axes realize automatic tool-setting, C axis can measure automatically and it can manually adjust the position of four-axis through electro-hand-wheel.

2.The latest programming software can complete the programming of electrode turning track of various cutters.

3.Online profiled turning of electrode and online automatic compensation of processing process improve the accuracy of profiled tool making.

4.PCD dedicated and other energy pulsed generators strictly control the pulse width of actual discharge, reduce electrode wear and make the processed surface uniformity.

5.Micron-grade high precision bi-directional CNC infinitely variable speed spindle, with 360°rotation in the horizontal direction, not only completes the radial back-angle processing of the cuter in the disc, but also can complete the processing of centripetal angle and side back-angle. At the same time, it can use the bowl electrode to finish the grinding of the cutter with dense tooth shape.

6.Automatism dividing device with high precision and high automation, combined with horizontal 360°rotation and vertical plus or minus 45°rotation, achieves automatic measurement and recording angle and achieve one-time processing completion of multi-tooth tool.

Machine Parameters


Applications in woodworking PCD tools: