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Broken Tap Remover VG-206

Broken Tap Remover VG-206, adopt erosion principle to take out the broken parts. No force during processing and no damage to the parts as well. Lightweight design and portable tool can be applied in different fields. Tap water as working liquid and touch key operation. You can take out tools such as various diameters of wire tapping, drill, reamer, screw and plug gauge and etc. that broken in parts quickly and without damage with the pulse broken tap remover


Broken Tap Remover VG-206


Broken Tap Remover


1. Handheld generator, touch key operation

2. Brass rod as electrode

3. Clean tap water as working medium.

4. Take out broken parts without damage to screw thread

5.  It is good to work for broken taper in big workpiece.

Features:                                                                                                    Functions:                                                        

1. Adopt erosion principle to take out the broken parts.

    No force during processing and no damage to the parts as well.

2. Lightweight design and portable tool can be applied to different fields

3. Magnetic base and processing unit can be adsorpted to the workpiece.

4. Working head can be adjusted to any degree of angle.

5. Automatic feed processing and no need of a workman.

6. Water as work liquid and easy to use.

1. Single phase 220V power supply.

2. Touch key operation.

3. Automatic control processing depth.

4. Bulid-in work pump.

5. Various optional parts for different use.
6. Automatic feed.

Technical Parameters:                                                                             Basic Functions:                                             

Total weight:24kg


Machine unit: 5.2kg
Generator szie:261*281*180mm
Machine unit size:200*55*430mm
Automatic process stroke: 100mm
Secondary stroke: 370mm
Electrode holder: Optional φ0.6-6.5;φ1-10

Input voltage:220v

Work fluid:water/EDM/kersene(never use cutting fluid)

Processing gear adjustment:Press the key
Adjustment:6 (3 current, 3 voltage)

Depth setting: Adjustable depth

Deep hole flushing device: Built in
Host universal head: 360 degrees
Limit control: Yes
Processing mode: Electric pulse
Spindle motor: Japan stepper motor
Lifting shaft fixed seat: Flange
Blind hole processing: Machinable


 Click for detailed parts introductions of VG-206 broken tap remover                                                                            

Model VG-206 broken tap renover interior structure, SANYO motor spindle                                                


                             Pulse broken tap remover model VG-206 package                                                  


                                          1637322047771178.jpg    包装_ad.jpg


                     1637819546442973.jpg    1637819546571337.jpg

                                                                             Broken Tap Remover Videos

VG-206 Broken Tap Remover video1 

VG-206 Broken Tap Remover video2

VG-206 Broken Tap Remover video3

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