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Five-axis EDM Grinding Machine VG-B43p

Special for PCD tools

An eroding and regrinding EDM machine used for sharpening a polycrystalline diamond (PCD) helical tool and a PCD super-hard material curved surface tool for woodworking machine tools.



1.Discharge corrosion cutter grinding and regrinding machine for polycrystalline diamond (PCD) helical cutter and PCD super-hard materials curved cutter. 

2.The machine can realize simultaneous machining of axes X, Y, Z, C and A, with helix angle being detected automatically, all cutters processing automatically, 

3.High efficient, high precision and perfect automation control, which makes the processed cutter fully complied with the design and usage requirements.

Control System

Advanced industrial computer is adopted, with LED touch screen, legitimate version of WINDOWSCE operating system, simple interface, easy to operate, powerful memory and interface configuration, which provides a good platform for the continuous improvement in the future.

  • PCD is polycrystalline diamond

  • Servo and pulsed power supply

  • Accurate detection and machining of helix

  • Axis C is optional.



                             Machine Parameters


Videos About the Machine

Applications in woodworking PCD tools