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Grinding Wheel Discharge Trimming Machine VG-BS25

Super-hard material grinding wheel discharge trimming machine VG-BS25

Diamond, CBN grinding wheel forming and trimming



1.It is a discharge trimming machine designed for diamond, CBN grinding wheel forming and trimming, PCD completion tool cylindrical processing. With high precision, high efficiency and CNC automation, VG-BS25 can grind outer circle, inner hole and profiled end face of high precision and high finish in a short period of time.

2.It is widely used for processing outer circle, inner hole and profiled end face of diamond, CBN grinding wheel and PCD completion tool.

3.Powerful standard configuration

By optimizing and refining the circuit of pulsed power supply, the utilization rate of pulse is greatly improved, the machining efficiency is improved and the machining precision can be guaranteed.

4. Special setting function is added to the system, so as to ensure the radial run-out precision of grinding wheel and reduce the loss of motor wheel.

5.The electrode wheel has online turning and online compensation function, so that the loss of the electrode wheel in the discharge process can be repaired in time, and the accuracy can be guaranteed by the compensation function.

   Machine Parameters: