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Broken Tap Remover VG-208

Adopt erosion principle to take out the broken parts. No force during processing and no damage to the parts as well. Lightweight design and portable tool can be applied to different fields. Water as working liquid and touch key operation. You can take out tools such as various diameters of wire tapping, drill, reamer, screw and plug gauge and etc. that broken in parts quickly and without damage. Can take out bolt as big as M100



2200W Industrial Grade HostServo Motor
Touch PanelSANYO Motor
Pulse GeneratorM6-M100 Bolt

Technical Parameters:                                                                                                                                                       

Weight of Power Supply:36kg

Weight of process device: 14kg
Automatic process stroke: 120mm
Secondary stroke: 400mm

Input voltage:220v


Working fluid: Water/EDM fluid

Processing device size: 340*115*550mm

Power supply size:450*450*860mm

Limit control/depth setting: Adjustable depth/alarm when processing finished

Processing mode: Pulse


1. Imported Japan stepper motor with servo motor, make processing stable and smooth;

2. Host with limit switch, deth can be set, scew machined by military standard, high precision and long life.

3. With universal head and can rotate at any angle when processing, convenient and fast

4. Adopt pulse discharge principle with the power supply, realize processing signal feedback. Automatically back during instable processing, ensure machining efficiency and protect the machine;

5. Built-in Italy imported high-pressure electromagnetic pump. High configuration makes high efficiency

6. Deep hole can be processed.

7. M6 - M100 broken tap, screw, bolt, drill, reamer and other tools can be processed.

8. Materials can be stainless steel, hardened steel, hard alloy, copper, aluminum and other conductive materias, even semiconductor electrical materials can be processed.

9. Rotary spindle, super big power.

10. Can take out M100 bolt.


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